I was chatting to a mum the other day about just how bad my cooking is.

I shared stories of the burnt frozen pizzas, the time I knobs of ‘zoned out’ making a chilli con carne, which fast became a chilli con coction. Oh and there’s the time I accidentally grilled a cake.
I try to cook, but get bored.
I’m lucky that my husband is a great cook. I’ve studied nutrition, so know what’s healthy and he can make it. We’re a great team.

So, if there’s something you have been trying to do, but just can’t, know that it’s OK.

You can keep on trying. Or you can focus on your strengths.
The choice is yours.
You have your own unique gifts and talents. It’s fine and normal to not be great at everything.
Your strengths will be the things you enjoy, that you do quickly and easily. The things that light up your soul…and that you probably take for granted.

I’d love you to think about your strengths.

Do you know what they are?
Do you use them often?
If not, why not?
Can you use your gifts to help others?
Can you use them to progress at work, or develop a business?
My gifts are that I have great empathy and compassion for others. I’m a great organiser, I’m creative and never give up.
I’d love to hear yours.

If you need help to find your gifts then find out more about my series of Fun Books. They’ll help you have confidence and self belief.

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