How to improve your money situation

Money is something we often wish we had more of.

I’ve tried lots of different things to turn my situation around and there’s one thing that helped me out more than anything.

And that’s focusing on the feeling of abundance, as opposed to lack.

What do you do?

So, a lack mentality is always wishing you had more money. It’s worrying about paying for the food shop and knowing, or stating out loud that you can’t afford X, Y and Z.

On the otherhand, having an abundance mindset is being grateful for the money you have. It’s affirming ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’ when you pay the bills and managing your money well.

Even when I know I can’t afford something, I don’t tell my kids that. I say that ‘I choose to spend/save my money on something else.’ That way they don’t grow up with a lack mentality either.

I’d encourage you to look at your money mindset and see if you’re of the lack, or abundance mentality.

I hope this makes sense. 



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