Journalling is awesome.

It can help you develop your intuition, your angel card readings (if you’re into that) and your ability to listen to your inner guidance.

I like to try and write in my journal each day, but when I’m really busy, once a week works too.

So, I make a note of how I’m feeling and look at the themes. I see if how I’m feeling is really true, or if my judgement is being clouded by feeling overwhelmed or tired.

You can get great journalling prompts too – I search for prompts on a specific topic I may be feeling stuck on, or I have a look on Pinterest. For example, if I’m feeling like I don’t have enough time, then journalling prompts (which are key questions) could include what can I do to be more productive? What can I let go of? How can I make the best use of my time? Who can I ask for help?

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Journalling helps you focus on the solutions.

 You’re able to tune into your own inner guidance because you’re giving yourself space to be calm and listen.

 What I’ve found is that if I sit down with my journal, the issues that have been on my mind for days, go away. I get answers to them because I’ve taken the time to be still and listen.

Another great thing to use your journal for is for the guidance you receive.

I make notes of my angel card readings, animals I keep on seeing, signs and symbols in my dreams because this is the way angels, spirits, spirit guides and the Universe communicates with you.

I look back at the messages and see how they connect.

Finally, a useful exercise to try is guided writing.

That’s when you let go of the control of what you’re writing and see what you end up with. So, get a pen and your journal, think of something you need help with, set the timer for 5 minutes and just write what comes to you as it comes.

Don’t question it, just keep on writing.

When I do this I feel like someone is writing for me. My handwriting changes and I feel like I’ve taken a step back.

Again, answers that I’ve been looking for come to me in an instant.

I hope this helps and I’d love to hear how you get on.




If you‘d like to try journalling, here’s one I made earlier!

The ‘Success Journal’ has key prompts to help you feel good about who you are and grateful for what you have.

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