Would you go out and happily splash lots of money on shoes (or insert your favourite product)?

Maybe, in the past I would. But, now that I have kids, I often tell myself that I can’t afford it, don’t need it…etc.

As a result, the message that I’m not ‘worth it’, ‘don’t deserve it’ or haven’t done enough to ‘earn it’ sinks in.

My brain picks up the message that I’m not worthy and then looks for the evidence for this belief.

My brain isn’t being mean. It’s how it’s set up to filter all of the information it’s bombarded with each day. Therefore, by me having the belief (a belief is a thought you keep on thinking) my brain thinks I’m interested in that type of information and looks for the evidence to back up the belief.

So, I’ll then get through the days with my kids not listening to me, me not earning enough, not having enough time, not having enough attention paid to me etc.

Can you see the pattern?

Whenever you’re not getting what you want, it’s not a case of you not deserving it, it’s a case of you believing this.

With this in mind, what can you do about it?

Shoes, glorious shoes.

Here are some easy quick things, and no, it doesn’t involve blowing money on expensive shoes. (sorry).

  • Start a gratitude journal. Write down (or say out loud) each day, three things you’re grateful for. A happy, grateful mind will end up with more things to be grateful for.
  • Stop complaining. I have to count or sing to distract myself from going into a full on moan about my lack of time and my massive ‘to do’ list. Your words have power. It’s like waving a magic wand. Choose your words carefully.
  • Get rid of clutter. Throw away the knickers with holes in them  – you deserve to wear things that make you feel good.
  • Have a look at your relationships. Are you spending time with people who build you up, or pull you down? What can you change? Who would you like to spend time with?
  • Get writing. Grab a pen and paper and start to jot down the things you like about yourself. Why? Because if you can’t see your worth, no-one else will.

I hope this helps and I’d love to hear how you get on.



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