I have a confession to make.

I used to think that people who loved themselves were arrogant.
For some reason, I believed that it was better to admit your weaknesses and tell others, otherwise you were big headed.
I have no idea where I got that belief from, but I was very wrong.

Loving yourself is key to a happy life.

If you can’t love yourself, then I’m afraid others won’t either. You’re giving out the message that you don’t deserve love.

Loving yourself is self preservation.

If you don’t love yourself, then you don’t have boundaries. People can treat you however they like, no matter what the consequences.

It’s an investment in your health.

Physically and mentally. You won’t accept crappy foods, you’ll look after your body and your mind.

Oh, and if you can start to love yourself, you’ll go with the flow.

You’ll accept yourself warts and all, which gives you a flexible and open mindset. You let go of judgements and criticisms – perfect to deal with the ‘downs’ of life.
So, I hope that this has inspired you to start loving yourself.
The first step is the decision to do it NOW. 
Go on.
You’re worth it.

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