Schools have it tough. I come from a family of teachers and grew up with foster children, so I like to think that I can understand the pressures of both students and teachers together.

I’ve also worked with pupils disengaged from the education system, getting them back into education by helping them see their gifts and passions. 


There are so many dedicated, hard-working, passionate teachers like you who are working within difficult circumstances. You still want to make a difference,  but you don’t have the time to do everything. You’re overworked and under pressure. You need a break so that you can give the best of you.


You have students who aren’t fulfilling their potential because of low self esteem, a lack of confidence, or issues at home. They need a helping hand and the chance to see how wonderful they are.

I’d like to help.

I can deliver courses and workshops to students and teachers to improve wellbeing, confidence, self esteem and overall happiness.


You can buy printed copies, or PDF copies of ‘The Happy Child: Fun Book‘ and ‘The Happy Teenager: Fun Book‘ for your pupils. If you’re in my area, then I can come and teach my techniques to your pupils face-to-face. Alternatively, you can buy an online course to go with the books. Please get in touch to find out more.


If you need a specific workshop/talk for your pupils or teachers, I can help. Exam stress, peer relationships, confidence, self esteem, wellbeing and happiness are just some of the topics I can teach. You get happier, more focused pupils who achieve their potential. Your staff have better wellbeing and become more focused and less stressed. Please get in touch so we can chat about your requirements.


Bespoke coaching, or my coaching programme for your pupils can help them fulfill their potential. They’ll have self worth, self esteem, confidence, wellness and happiness. Please contact me so we can chat about what you need. Alternatively, you can choose an online course.

Get started with my FREE happiness kit. Ideal for teachers and students!

Generally, my ‘Fulfil Your Potential’ course is a 13 session coaching programme. However, your pupils can do as many or as little sessions as needed.

How many sessions they need depends on them. 

I also adapt sessions, to best suit their needs. I always discuss the plan of action before proceeding.

Session one is all about setting goals.

We talk about what’s getting them down, what they want to change, how they want to feel instead. And from there, we set a goal. I encourage them to believe in themselves and dream big dreams. If your students are facing exams, we talk about the grades they want to achieve, what’s standing in their way and how to get the results they want.

In session two we talk about how we’re going to get their goal.

They’ll often feel that they can’t achieve what’s expected of them. Too many pupils are scared to revise properly, because they’re so scared of failing and letting people down. This is when their fears and anxieties show themselves. We look at what support they’ve got, what’ll happen if they don’t revise and what help they need. We discuss revision strategies, learning styles and the motivation techniques that best serve them.

Next, it’s time to focus on beliefs.

This is a biggie, so it’s covered in sessions three and four. If anyone is going to drop out, it’s now. Your students will learn all about their thoughts and feelings and how they become beliefs. They’ll be shown how beliefs can then affect their behaviours and views of the world. They’ll see what beliefs they have that are holding them back and getting them down. And how to change them.

Positive beliefs that help them will be strengthened, so their mindset is trained to look for the positive and deal effectively with the negative. It’s also a great topic because it explains why and how other people behave differently. So, they’ll know that when someone does something that upsets them, it’s nothing personal. They’ll know how to deal with negative opinions, including comments from parents or teachers that say ‘you can’t achieve that’, ‘you’re not good at that subject’ or ‘you’re not clever enough.’

Sessions five, six and seven delve deeper into behaviour and what makes us behave in certain ways.

These are great because your pupils will learn about the six human needs and what to do to get their needs satisfied, in a healthy way.

They’ll also learn about values and why they act in a certain way. It helps them understand why everyone is different and that we don’t need to judge or criticise others. Instead, if we can understand why someone is acting in a certain way, we realise that it’s not because of something we’re doing wrong.

And they’ll find out about the checklists they’ve set themselves for feeling a certain way and how to change them, so they can feel better, more often.

This is also when we talk about stress, how to deal with it, why they react in certain ways and how to stay motivated during lessons, revision and the exams themselves.

Communication is covered in session eight.

They’ll understand how we can hear one thing, when something else is actually said. This is brilliant for them as it helps them to be better listeners and will ensure greater friendships. It’s also good to know as it means they won’t take criticisms to heart as much. They’ll learn to take on board the comments that help them, and let go of the feedback that hurts. This is also where we talk about their fears and how to overcome them.

Session nine covers responsibility.

Your pupils will learn that they are in control of their lives. They can see where they’re making excuses or laying blame. And they’ll see how to turn so-called weaknesses into strengths. They’ll empowered to believe in themselves and do their best.

Ten is the power of questions.

With the dawn of social media and ‘fake news’, it’s vital that your students learn why questioning things is empowering. In particular, they’ll learn how to evaluate their progress, their dreams and their beliefs. They’ll be able to keep track of their revision, their progress and their goals. This ensures that they are self-sufficient and know how to motivate themselves to achieve. It also ensures that they know how to overcome obstacles, be resilient and change their mindset and attitude to stay on track to succeed.

Sessions eleven through to thirteen are about life purpose and life goals.

These suit older children better as we discuss and set goals for all areas of their life. We look at their purpose and what they feel they’re meant to be doing. They’ll realise what unique gifts they have and what they want to do with them.

Other topics that can be incorporated where needed are:

Stress and how to deal with it.

How to stay focused.

The difference between confidence, self esteem and self worth and how to get more of each.

Healthy ways to deal with worry and anxiety.


About Me

I used to be a journalist reading the news on the radio, but got fed up of reporting on people’s misery. I trained to be a Life Coach to help people instead.

I danced as a kid and missed it – plus a lot of my coaching clients wanted to lose weight, so I trained to be a Fitness Coach too. I’ve spent many happy years teaching yoga to children aged 2 – 18, as well as meditation and mindfulness.

Then, when baby number three came along I became a Nutritional Advisor to help kick my addiction to Pepsi Max.

Finally, I wrote a book during my daughter’s night feeds and wouldn’t you know it – I got published too. I kept on writing and that’s how book number two came about. Since, then I’ve been coaching teenagers to be happy and confident and wrote my series of Fun Books and online courses to help.

  • Meditations

    Buy meditation packages to help teachers and students stay calm and in control. Or, get in touch and I can create bespoke meditations for your school.

  • Yoga

    Let me deliver yoga classes to your students to help them be more focused, calm and happier. Please get in touch to find out more.

  • Coaching

    Online, or face-to-face coaching for your pupils or teachers. I run a 13 session course, or can design a bespoke course to help you tackle the issues personal to your school. Please get in touch, so we can chat.

  • Talks and workshops

    One-off talks and workshops can also help your students and teachers. Topics can include wellbeing, happiness, dealing with exam stress, how to to confident, how to manage your workload and stress. I’d love to hear from you, so contact me to get started.

What others say about me

Sarah Bone

“We decided to bring Jaelithe in to help a group of year 11 girls be happy. Schools have exam results to achieve, but I didn’t want my pupils making themselves ill with stress to get those results. I wanted to help them deal with the pressure they felt they were under and to show them what  they’re capable of achieving. At the start of the programme I had stressed out, worried pupils and now they know that they can cope with the exams and achieve whatever they want to. We’ve hopefully raised their aspirations and kept them on track.”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your invaluable work with our girls at Headlands. I saw a few girls at the end of the day and they were very complimentary about the sessions. I’m sure your input and strategies have given them the self confidence to believe in themselves and to strive to achieve great things in the future, not just with exams but with life ambitions too.”


“We got Jaelithe in to deliver a wellbeing session to staff on the topic of the ‘power of your thoughts’. It was a great session and helped staff know that they can take control when feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.”

Alexis WiddowsonHead

“Jaelithe delivered a yoga session to our nursery class and is a natural with the children. We all had a fun class and the meditation at the end helped everyone release their worries in a safe environment.”

Mrs. JohnstoneTeacher

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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