The power of crystals

I admit it – I used to be sceptical about crystals.

That was, until my Auntie died. She was a former nun and had studied crystals after she left the convent.

So, I inherited her crystal collection.

For my 40th birthday, I learned how to use crystals to clear chakras and cleanse the aura.

It was amazing what they did for me and then others.

Crystals are really good at helping you with physical or emotional symptoms. I’m not an expert on them, but I do always advise that you will be drawn to what you need.

Here’s some that have helped me through difficult times as a mum:

  • Citrine – the ray of sunshine crystal. I bought myself a bracelet and ring when I needed to have hope again. It’s like having sunshine in your pocket and helps attract happiness, wealth and new opportunities.
  • Rose quartz – the love crystal. This is great if you have any physical symptoms in your chest or breast area and when you need to feel loved. I’ve spent too many years trying to feel loved by other people, to learn the lesson that it all has to come from you. If I’m doubting my self worth, or my relationships, rose quartz gets me back on track.
  • Amethyst – intuition. When I feel lost and need guidance, I turn to amethyst to help me open up my intuition so that I can get the answers I need from my own inner being. It also helps me see the big picture and reminds me that we’re part of a bigger Universe. It gives me trust in the powers of the Universe. Oh and it’s great if you have trouble sleeping, or headaches. Whenever my kids wake up after a nightmare, an amethyst on their pillow helps them get back to sleep.
  • Jade (or any green stone I’m attracted to) – money. Let’s face it, we all probably wish for more money. When I’m feeling anxious about my money situation, I choose a green crystal which often attracts money, prosperity and good luck. I pop it in my purse and start to be grateful for the money I have.
  • Carnelian (or any orange crystal I’m drawn to) – self worth. If I feel out of sorts, I’m doubting myself and my confidence takes a hit, orange crystals like carnelian sort out your sacral chakra. Physical signs that your sacral chakra are blocked include backache, IBS or urinary problems. Emotionally, you could have a ‘kangaroo pouch’, feel guilty, worried or dependent on others. I use carnelian for my kids when they go through bouts of anger, blame or develop destructive thoughts/habits. 

I hope this helps you.



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