Giving your child superpowers to be happy and confident for life.

As a teenager I doubted myself and ended up in rubbish relationships. I did well at school, but became a perfectionist and a ‘people pleaser’ because I believed that I had to be perfect to be happy and loved.

Consequently, I carried these pressures with me – always doing my best to be everything to everyone.

And so it continued. I had three children in the space of three and a half years and the issues re-appeared. Trying to be the best mum, wife, daughter, business owner and friend. Because of this, I got overwhelmed, stressed out and felt worthless. As a result, I believed that I didn’t deserve to be happy. That I was a failure.

Your voice becomes the internal voice of your son, or daughter.

Therefore, my issues carried on. My eldest showed the same beliefs. He’d picked up on my insecurities. Unfortunately, he was bullied at two different schools and felt worthless. Comparing himself to others in his class, he believed he was rubbish at maths. As a result, he felt that nobody liked him and he prayed each night for a happy life.

Helping you and your child.

So, my products and services help you AND your child.

I give your child the superpowers they need to be happy and confident for life. Thanks to my expertise as a coach, fitness expert, nutritional advisor, author, and most importantly, mum of three.

My books, coaching, courses and meditations help children, teenagers and the adults caring for them. That’s why I work in schools too.

We all deserve to be happy and it starts here.