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Why you should choose


I coach over the phone or Internet and deliver coaching in schools too. All coaching sessions are focused on getting the best out of your child, so they can see their worth. Confidence and happiness for life.

Courses and challenges

I run a range of courses and challenges to help you know it’s good to be you. A special ‘Stop Stressing’ package for kids of all ages. A ‘Get Confident and Calm for Your Exams’ and bespoke training in schools.

How I Help You

I’ve been through lots in my life. I know what works to pull me out of the tough times and I can help you and your child too. Self belief, self worth and self esteem lead to confidence. This leads to good health and happiness. The superpowers your child deserves to learn.

Core Services

  • Coaching

    Teaching the power of thoughts, beliefs, values, needs and checklists that determine our outlook, mindset and experience. I get to the heart of the issues and together, we devise a plan to help you or your child see their worth.

  • Yoga

    Yoga classes are part of my coaching and online courses. Yoga helps calm the mind and strengthens the body. It shows you that you already have everything you need to succeed inside of you.

  • Health

    I give you the truth about diet and exercise, with a focus on you as an individual. Learn what makes you thrive.

  • Author

    Books and blogs. Here to help you discover the information you need.

  • Speaker

    Videos, workshops and coaching. I give honest, down-to-earth advice to inspire you to be confident and happy for life.

What people who have worked with me have to say

“You’re personable, honest and with that you show your clients the real you, which is what we want. We don’t want someone who puts on a front just for their job and then doesn’t give two hoots afterwards. With you ….you do and are always there for people when needed, even though you may well be very busy yourself. That’s what counts. That is unique in itself.”

BridgetMum of 3

“I feel like you are ‘one of us’ – and can relate to you because you’re a busy mum like the rest of us.  You give practical sensible honest advice – because you’ve been there too.”

SusanMum of 1

“What makes you unique is your realness. You are approachable, funny and kind with all the know-how that us mums need to tap into. The way you explain things makes them easy to understand.”

JulieMum of 2

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your invaluable work with our girls. I saw a few at the end of the day and they were very complimentary about the sessions. I’m sure your input and strategies have given them the self confidence to believe in themselves and to strive to achieve great things in the future, not just with exams but with life ambitions too.”

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