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Facts about me

I got into life coaching, self help and psychology after suffering from really low self esteem and confidence as a teenager. When my passion of becoming a journalist and radio presenter didn’t guarantee my happiness, I re-trained and started to help others feel better about who they were. I used to dance as a kid and missed it, so I studied fitness – teaching classes to kids and adults, aged 2 and up! I developed an interest in nutrition after craving Pepsi Max after baby number two and have helped many women learn to love their bodies.

Since having my kids, I’ve discovered that the issues with self esteem, self belief and confidence are those of the mums. I’ve doubted myself so many times and have often felt like ‘I’m not good enough.’ The toughest times I’ve had with my kids have been the times I’ve doubted myself. They’ve become a mirror for my doubt and fears.

That’s why I started coaching children from age 8 and up – helping both them and their parents feel good about who they are.

My eldest has also been bullied at two different schools. One handled it well, the other tried, but the impact upon my little boy was tough for the whole family. My work with schools is so important for this reason. If I can help students manage their thoughts, emotions and beliefs we can create a positive mindset, ambitious, happy pupils who achieve their potential. The same goes for the teachers!

I’ve always loved superheroes and my favourite is Wonder Woman. In my own way, I’m giving your child the superpowers they need to be confident and happy for life.

My Goal