I think I’ve wasted about 15 years of my life trying to be perfect.

I tried to get the perfect grades, be the perfect dancer, perfect daughter, perfect sister, perfect girlfriend and perfect size.
It became exhausting and I ended up not knowing who I was.

I didn’t know what made me unique. Or what made me happy.

I’d been trying to fit into everyone else’s standards. I lost me.
Thanks to my study of psychology, spirituality and the human mind, I know now that no-one is perfect.
I believe we’re here to grow and develop.

Accepting our flaws is what brings us happiness. Not being perfect.

With this in mind, here are 3 things to do to accept your imperfections.
  1. Give your body some love. I don’t like my feet and my hips and thighs are bigger than I’d like. Instead of looking at them and hating them, I started to look after them to show them some love. I pamper my feet with lotions. I look after my hips and thighs with body brushing. This simple act has help me accept myself.
  2. Write out all of your flaws and imperfections on paper. Let it all out. Then, write at the bottom of the paper,  ‘I love myself and forgive myself.’ You can keep the paper to remind you of the need to love and forgive yourself. Or you can burn it to let those judgements go.
  3. Write down an example of when you failed. Then think of what you learned about yourself and life. Know that the so-called failures and imperfections are the things that help us grow the most.
I don’t regret trying to be perfect.
It was this journey that taught me that I’m not. And I’m OK with that.

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