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  • I’m setting up a network of amazing women to help me build my products and services by telling me what you need and want from me

  • These women can help me test my products and services to make sure they’re awesome

  • You can help me spread the word about my products and services by being part of this group. If you make a sale from this, you’ll get 30% commission

  • You can pick and choose which area you’d like to help me with, or you can do all three

  • I ask that you’re there to help me as and when you can, however you can.

I always want to be sure that my products and services are exactly what I want them to be – and that they help teenagers know it’s good to be them.

I’m setting up a network of amazing women. Mums, teachers and teenagers who are prepared to give me great feedback and ideas on potential products and services. Oh and to test out potential and current products and services, so that I know they work well.

I’m calling this group ‘Mrs Mojo’s Superheroes.’canstockphoto1155529

I also need some of you to help tell other mums and teenagers what I can do for them, via word of mouth and through social media networks.

If you make a sale from this, you’ll earn commission.

Don’t worry, I don’t want an army of sales people – just people who can help spread the word in a good way, so more women can be helped! I hate pushy sales – that’s not me.

By being part of the my ‘Mrs Mojo’s Superheroes’, you can choose whichever role you’d like to do – you can advise, you can test, or you can help spread the word by networking, or you can do all three!

What do you get?
If you want to be part of the ‘Mrs Mojo’s Superheroes’ then you’ll get the unique chance to test and feedback my products at a great discount. Some products and services will even be offered for free. However, in my experience, those who test a product for free, rarely get the best out of it. Even if you pay just £2 for a product, you’ll place more value on it and will ultimately work harder than if it was given to you for free. Don’t worry – everything is optional, so if you don’t want to test my products then you don’t have to.

You’ll also get the chance to earn money if you want to.


If you have a computer, a smartphone, or iPhone then you can make money by selling my products. It’s easy. Whenever you tell someone about a product or service of mine and they want to know more, you can send them your own unique link to my site. If they go ahead and buy from your unique link, you’ll earn 30% commission on whatever you sell. You don’t need to pay for anything upfront, you can work as and when you like. The more you sell, the more you earn.

I’ll also spring some great gifts and surprises on my team members for the best feedback given and best sales.

How does it work?
You just have to commit to being there for me when you can be. This involves filling in surveys, having phone conversations or online hangouts when I need them. These won’t take long and are on an adhoc basis. It’s to clarify what YOU want, and therefore what MY potential customers want, from me.

I know that you’re super busy, so any survey will take just 5 minutes to complete. Any chat won’t go over half an hour! If you can’t make it for a chat on a particular day then there’s no pressure – just turn up and voice your opinion whenever and however you can.

mojo your emotions

If you’d like to test my products and services then I ask that you do your best and test them through to the end.

It’s always easier to sell products when you know they really work, which is why I offer a reduced rate and then commission for any sales you make. That way it’s easy to make the money back on anything you may have spent on a test product. Again, you don’t have to commit to testing everything, just what you can, when you can.

I’ll also keep you up-to-date with my ideas and what’s happening with the business from time-to-time too. So, be prepared to read an email from me as well!

Yes I’m interested, what do I do?
Just send me an email with your name and a few details on it. If you want to give me your phone number too, then that’s great, but don’t worry – I won’t be calling you, it’s mainly to send a quick text if I can’t get you by email.

In the email please include a short sentence explaining why you want to be part of ‘Mrs Mojo’s Superheroes’ – it’s good for me to know what you’re passionate about and what makes you tick.

If you’re interested in earning money then let me know too, or sign up here to get started. 

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That’s it! I look forward to you being part of Mr’s Mojo’s team :0)

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