Help your child have more confidence and self esteem with ‘The Happy Child: Fun Book’


School can be tough for kids. They’ve got the pressure of school work, homework, exams and dealing with what other children and teachers think of them. ALL of my clients who’ve suffered a lack of confidence had something happen to them at school. This started them on a journey of comparing themselves to others and not feeling good enough.


Children today can’t handle their emotions, because they haven’t been taught how to. Over and over again, children are taught not to cry, or get angry and to change their behaviour to fit in and please others. In fact, emotions are indicators as to how they’re feeling and what they need. If your son/daughter can accept how they’re feeling and learn from their feelings, they’ll be happy with who they are.

The future

I believe that everyone has amazing, unique gifts and can achieve whatever they put their mind to. Self confidence, self belief and a positive mindset are just some of the tools needed. If your child can handle their emotions, form great friendships, focus at school and let go of the things that upset them, then they’ll have a great future. One where they are happy being them. I’ve put the tools needed to be happy into ‘The Happy Child: Fun Book.’

‘The Happy Child: Fun Book’ is designed to give your child the tools they need to be happy for life. It’s just £13.99!