The fear of rejection is closely linked to the fear of success.

It’s due to the feeling of not being good enough.
I went through a stage of constantly asking my loved ones if they love me. It’s because I couldn’t see why they would. I didn’t see my qualities.

I worried that they would find someone better.

If you feel like this, here are three things to do:
🎃 Look in the mirror each day and repeat out loud, ‘I love, honour and accept myself’. The mirror technique is great at helping you build confidence and self esteem.
🎃 Get into the habit of meditating. By being able to meditate and be aware of your thoughts, you can spot the times you doubt yourself or pit yourself down. In time (especially if you practice the mirror technique) you’ll be able to think nicer things about yourself.
🎃 Journal about your feelings. When in your past did you feel rejection? How did you feel? How has this held you back? If you knew you’d never be rejected, what would you do differently?
I hope this helps. Let me know which tip best resonates with you.
With this in mind, if you feel like you can’t shift the things you fear, then a chakra balancing and aura cleansing session will help.
It shifts beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back. It helps you get unstuck, clarity on what’s been going wrong and acts as a good decluttering for the mind and soul.
Jan said she felt like a new woman after hers.
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