I used to be terrified of dying when I was younger and of losing my parents.

I was scared that my world would end and everything would go black.
The main thing that got me over this fear is researching spirituality. 
I read lots of books on angels, on life after death and visited spiritualist churches.
Now, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, or belief, but it gave me great comfort to believe that there was something else once we passed on.

When my Auntie died, I had dreams where she would talk to me and let me know she was OK. She said to me clearly, ‘in Heaven, I’m just so free.’

But if you’re still scared of dying, or have kids who are scared, here’s some things that can help.
😇 Know that no-one can offer you a clear answer on what happens, but if you research what different cultures believe, you can see what fits with you and offers you comfort. Chat through different beliefs with your kids to help them understand that lots of different ideas exist.
😇 Journal what your true fears are. See if they relate to a specific need. For example, if your fear of death relates to a fear of not feeling secure, then look at where you can feel secure in your life now.
😇 Meditate. That can help you control your thoughts and keep you grounded in the now.
That way you won’t focus too much on the future.
😇 Read books. There are some great books out there about death itself, angels, life after death and spirit animals.
I hope this helps. Let me know which tip best resonates with you.
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