Crystals have really helped my kids get through the difficult times at school

They’ve helped them feel calm and they often ask to go and pick one.

I’ve popped some suggestions of crystals that have helped our family, but it’s best to encourage your child to pick what they’re drawn to. Your intuition is always the best guide.


My eldest felt that he was being bullied and that ‘everyone was being mean to him’. The answer? Tiger’s eye. It protects you, releases fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance.

A tiger's eye crystal is good for protection

I got my daughter a lovely tiger’s eye bracelet and she wears it to school every day.


Tiger’s eye also helps you focus. When I was helping students deal with exam stress, I recommended flourite to help them focus too. It balances the energies of the body to give clarity and boost concentration. A great crystal to have if your little one is studying to focus in class, or has some exams coming up.


It’s hard for your children to go to school when they feel love and attachment to you.

In Psychology, a secure attachment will mean that they feel confident to roam the nest.

School is a different environment, so if for any reason they have issues saying goodbye rose quartz is a great crystal to give them.

It’s all about love and receiving love and should help them know they’re loved even when you’re not around.

Another aspect of this is insecurity – so a tiger’s eye would help, or red jasper which links to the root chakra too, which is all about feeling safe, secure and grounded. Red jasper helps combat low self esteem and feeling fearful.

I hope this helps you.



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