Why the coronavirus is a wake up call

The day before my family and I self-isolated, I was in a shop buying a pint of milk.

The shop was packed out with elderly people. Two old women were looking at Easter eggs and one asked the other if she needed any before they went into self-isolation.

She replied: “No. You know we both won’t be here by Easter.”

She looked at the floor in utter fear. 

And the realisation hit me. 

We’re all living a life of fear and this is our wake up call to change things.

I put up with an emotionally abusive boyfriend in my teens because I was too scared that no-one else would love me.

I gave up on my dream of becoming a dancer, because I was scared I wasn’t good enough. 

Just recently, I stuck out a job that zapped the life out of me, for fear I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills if I left.

Last week I was fired from that job and I’ve felt fear about my bills only once. Most of the time, I’ve felt happy and free.

On our first day of isolation, we did some gardening. We tried to make it fun for the kids and melted marshmallows on the fire afterwards. I like to make a wish on paper, or write down something that I want to let go of and burn it. My kids did this with me and my sons both wished for people to be healthy. My 7 year old daughter wished to ‘stop feeling scared.’

I can totally understand why the old woman was so scared. She’s in the high-risk category and the news is filled with pessimistic stories about people her age. It’s hard not to feel scared, in her shoes.

I know why we’re scared of the unknown, of losing the people we love, losing our jobs and losing money. Fear is passed on from generation to generation. 

But fear won’t solve this.

I love studying energy, and fear is a low-based energy. In fact, it’s the lowest. It’s at the bottom of the emotional scale. 

Solutions are found in higher vibrations. If we move from fear to pessimism, then we can soon move to boredom and then hopefulness. After that, freedom isn’t too far away. 

But, how do we do this? 

By making the most of the time we have now. And by making choices that aren’t based in fear.

If you’re in self-isolation, are you able to do the things you enjoy and feel good doing?

I want to be able to spend time baking with my kids, snuggling up and reading books. I’ve often been too busy to do this because I’ve been working so much. I’d like to spend time chatting to family and friends over the phone, going for walks in the woods and painting.

Love starts with you These all make me feel free. And guess what? Freedom and joy are at the top of the emotional scale. 

I’m using this time to really think about my life and ask myself if I’m doing things out of fear, or out of joy? Fear-based actions keep us small and stuck. Joy-based actions set us free.

Each of our actions impacts on others. We’re all connected and we’re all in this together. 

So, I keep on thinking about the old woman. I wonder if she’s lived a joyful life, or one that’s been based in fear. I really hope it’s the former. 

What life have you lived so far?

The wake up call is here – it’s to stop living in fear. And when this is all over, I feel that we’re being called to go out and live a life that brings us joy. That joy will spread faster than any virus and the impact will bring about miracles.



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