How to clear away the crap in your life

We’ve all had times when things seem to go wrong and keep on going wrong.

You wonder what you’ve done to deserve it, or what karmic lesson you’re learning.

Clearing your mind

You try to think positive thoughts, but the crap keeps on coming. 

It’s times like these, when ‘magickal’ tools can help.

Try these…


Sound clears vibration – I have some lovely Tibetan tingshas I ring to clear my energetic space and environment. I clang them together and if the sound is even, the space is clear. It’s great fun. If you don’t have bells, then clash some pans together.


Burning sage is also a great way to clear away negativity. Whenever I feel that my family is getting down and ratty with each other, I’ll burn some dried sage and make sure that the smoke goes into each corner of the rooms.


I picture in my mind a bubble of my favourite colour around me like a force field keeping negativity out. Or, when I’m in the shower, I imagine that a lovely colour is coming out of the shower with the water to wash away the negativity I’m feeling.

I hope this helps you.



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