How to attract love

I don’t know about you, but as a mum, I often feel unloved and unappreciated.

It’s always down to me and my own mindset – the thoughts I’m thinking.

With that said, there are two key things I do to turn things around.

They’re quick and easy and should help you.

Love starts with you

Try these…


The colours pink and green are associated with your heart chakra, which will help you receive more love – as long as it’s not blocked.

To unblock it and keep that love flowing, you can hold/wear a rose quartz crystal – you can get lovely jewellery with rose quartz in, or wear pink.

Rose quartz

Alternatively, choose a green crystal you’re drawn to (your intuition is always your best guidance) or wear green. Easy!


If you don’t feel loved, then it’s good to change your mindset. Otherwise, the Law of Attraction will keep on giving you more experiences to feel unloved.

So, you can choose to see the times you feel loved and remember when you have felt loved. Ask yourself what you can do to feel loved right now. And, most importantly – are you showing yourself love? If not, how can anyone else?

If this is too big a jump for you and thinking about love keeps you sad, then distract yourself. Do anything that feels good to you. That way you’re telling the Law of Attraction that you’d like more things to come your way that feel good.



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