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Ain't nobody loves you better!

Let's get honest with each other. I was chatting with a lovely friend today about bras. Confession time - most of my bras are grubby and no longer white, or they're the wrong size. I wore my 'best bra' to a party recently and my husband…
confidence and self esteem
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You are good enough

If there's one thing I'd like you to take away from this post it's this: YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. I started dancing at the age of 3, but gave it up for my A levels, because I didn't feel good enough. I stayed in a rubbish…
Coaching, yoga and courses delivered to schools
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How to deal with exam stress

It's that time of year...when exams are looming. Students, teachers and parents have so much pressure on them to achieve certain results. I've already been contacted by parents asking what they can do to help their child. The stress…

What is education?

I’ve been working in education with children in care, or those who aren’t doing well in the current education system. It’s been my job to help them get back into education. I focus on helping them find their passions, seeing…