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How to be romantic when you don’t have the time


  • Romance doesn’t have to be hard – switch off TV and chat to your partner and give them a kiss and a cuddle every morning and evening

  • Involve the kids – have days out and meals together where you can hold hands, cuddle and dance with your partner

  • Be spontaneous, have fun together and work as a team

Parents often give up time for themselves when the kids arrive and romance is the first thing to suffer.

If you and your partner can be romantic again, it will improve and strengthen your relationship and will be a good example to your kids. canstockphoto9092746

Here’s how to be romantic when you don’t have the time:

  • Switch off the TV one night a week – or if that’s too scary a thought, then for one hour a week and talk and cuddle instead
  • Don’t think that you need to get away from the kids to be romantic. Go out as a family, even if it’s for a quick walk to the park and hold hands again
  • Have romantic family meals. Don’t save your favourite meals for birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Get out, or cook your favourite meal, light some candles (and put them on the kitchen worktop if you have really young kids) and play some romantic music whenever you feel like it, or need a pick-me-up
  • Dance in the kitchen together. If you’re cooking tea, or cleaning up, pop your favourite music on and have a little dance together
  • Always start and end the day with a kiss and a cuddle. Your partner needs to know you still love them too
  • Get intimate whenever you get the chance!
  • Send romantic texts, write notes and make cards to let your partner know that you still love them
  • Work as a team – when you work together your kids will see a united front that is harder to break down. Take time to set your family rules and routines and stick to them
  • Laugh together. Share jokes, watch your favourite comedies together and tickle each other
  • Make a voucher for something you both enjoy doing together. For example, a bath together, a massage, a pamper night, a movie night and when you feel yourself getting bogged down cash in your voucher, with the rule that the other person has to honour it
  • Make a lucky dip jar (and keep it away from the kids) where you have every little thing that makes you happy and loved written down on paper and folded. If you need a pick-me-up just choose a piece of paper and do what it says
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