Do you ever feel like there’s more to life than you’re experiencing?

Do you wish that you were more appreciated?
I have to say this lovely, that it starts with you.
I’ve felt so undervalued (mainly by my kids) lately. I’ve felt like Cinderella. Constantly thrown a bunch of stuff to do, scrabbling around the embers, putting blood, sweet and tears into it, to never be thanked.
But that’s not fair on my kids.
They’re still very young. I’m the adult and tie my sense of worth to their reactions and behaviours is crazy to say the least.
I often tell my clients that they are giving away their power, by judging themselves based on the opinions of others. You’ll always find someone who thinks you’re great and someone who doesn’t.
Yes, you want your kids to think you’re great and to show you love. But, they’re going through their own things. They’re dealing with their own issues and feelings.
The education system can have a negative impact on our children's mental health

The only person who can appreciate you is YOU.

So, if you’re not getting the feeling of appreciation it has to start with you.

Here’s 3 things you can do today:

  1. Write down 3 things you like or appreciate about yourself. Try to do this every day for a month. I dare you.
  2. Wear something nice. If you’re wearing knickers with holes in them, or a baggy fleece with stains on, you’re giving yourself the message that you’re not worth it. If the knickers and fleece make you feel good, that’s fine.
  3. Look in the mirror and say out loud (or in your head) ‘I deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself.’
These are simple, but powerful tools.
I’d love to hear what difference they make to you.

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