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Ain’t nobody loves you better!

Let’s get honest with each other.

I was chatting with a lovely friend today about bras.

Confession time – most of my bras are grubby and no longer white, or they’re the wrong size.

I wore my ‘best bra’ to a party recently and my husband commented on how it squashed my boobs and made them look a funny shape. Then the realisation hit me, my best bra was in fact 13 years old – it was what I wore to my wedding when I was 27.

Since then, I’ve been lots of different shapes and sizes and I’ve had three kids in the space of three and a half years.

Time to get a new best bra I think. Ha ha.

I remember in the run up to my wedding, I really wanted to lose weight because I thought I was a bit too big. Naturally, I’ve always been a size 10-12. I’ve always had big hips, curves and big boobs. When I put on weight it goes to my hips and tummy.

My body is OK for me and I’ve come to a place of accepting it.

It’s been an interesting journey. 

Yes, I still don’t like trying on clothes in a changing room, with those harsh lights and unflattering mirrors. I still don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts.

But, I’ve come to accept that I’m the right size for me.

I exercise each day because it makes me feel good. No longer pushing and go for the ‘no pain, no gain’ aspect which led to me damaging my knees.

My body will change in shape and size and that’s OK. I focus on what each part of my body does for me, treating myself with love. For example, my arms being strong to cuddle my kids, my legs enable me to enjoy walks and beautiful scenery.

I do yoga to show my body some love.

So, here are three things you can do to love and accept your body:

  1. Go through your wardrobe and hold in your hand each item of clothing. If it makes you feel good, keep it. If it makes you feel conscious about something, thank it for the time you had together and sell it, or give it away. There’s no point keeping something to aim towards fitting into it. That’s putting pressure on yourself and holding you to the size you were in the past. If you can accept and love your size today, you’ll be guided to do what you need to, in order to accept and love your size tomorrow. I had a bag full of clothes I kept to fit into after having my children. It had glittery tops in that I wore as a teenager, but I wasn’t that person anymore. It was time to let them go, which was very empowering.
  2. Take time each day to pamper a part of your body. I have a fab body brush and use it for five minutes a day, after my shower. When I’m doing it, I appreciate my body instead of judging it. So, I could thank my arms for what they’ve done, or just acknowledge that my arms are nice. Other times, I paint my nails. Just do something that helps you appreciate your body.
  3. Eat foods that help you feel good. Now, this isn’t an excuse to scoff some chocolate. if you want a ‘cheat’ make sure it’s the best possible quality cheat there is. I love dark chocolate now – I never used to, but it feels really luxurious for me. Food is energy. Start to listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs. Don’t calorie count, don’t punish or starve your body. I only eat when I’m hungry, instead of going for set mealtimes, although I always eat breakfast. My food is a rainbow colour of foods – so, I make sure I get a good mix of fruit and veg each week. I eat slowly and mindfully, giving myself a smaller portion than I think I need, but knowing I can have more if needed. When I feel like I want to lose weight, I eat either carbs with veg, or fats with vegs. That’s because carbs and fats both give lots of energy. If you have an excess, your body stores it as fat. When I reach for the crisps, or chocolate, I eat them without guilt. I trust that my body knows how to handle it. For more advice on nutrition, read this.

If you feel like you need some more help with accepting and loving your body, then I’ll be covering it as part of my new ‘You Can Achieve Whatever You Put Your Mind To’ group coaching program.

You’ll learn about nutrition, exercise and self care.

We’ll also look at mindset, your confidence, your self belief and your unique gifts, so that you can feel good about who you are.

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