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Overburdened mums – let me help you find your happy place.

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How to handle the daily pressures of being a mum
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Helping mums take time to look after themselves

If you’re a mum of a child with superpowers – special needs, or highly sensitive, then you’ll know that you need to take time out for you to be able to deal with what comes your way.

All three of my kids are highly sensitive and my eldest was bullied, badly.

I’ve worked with kids in care, who have autism, ADHD and attachment disorder.

Oh, and I grew up with foster kids.

With this experience, and my expertise in coaching, fitness and spiritual guidance, I know that you need to be getting your sleep, eating well and getting your needs met.

And I know what to do to get you there.

That way, you won’t feel like a servant, an emotional punchbag or dream about walking out and hiding until you get the break you deserve.

Whatever stresses are going on with you right now, there’s helpful, honest and friendly info for you here.

You’re a mum, not a martyr, so give yourself some time to get the help you need.



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